About me


Hey there.

I’m Kaylyn, the artist behind Constellations.
I’m a introverted hugger with a quiet voice and a nerdy streak.

Pleased to meet you.


My school year days are filled supporting my middle school students as a visual arts teacher and moonlighting as a designer, photographer and active visual artist by summertime,

Stuff I love:
My Hubby & My Daughter · My Faith · Stouts, Porters & Belgians · Grey&Black · Death Cab · Wes Anderson · Teaching · Vinyl records · Ballet · Film photography · Minimalism · Red wine · Board games · Road trips · Family · Hugs · The Office · Ice cream · The Tony’s · Coffee shops · Letter press

Mother Teresa once said, "Wash the plate not because it was dirty nor because you were told to wash it, but because you love the person who will use it next."


From the very beginning in a one bedroom apartment in Newark, DE, Constellations and Company started on a simple, shy motivation to give, capture life, get inspired and work hard.

Who am I kidding?


It started as an extra hustle to pay rent!

But the previous sentence is exactly what it became. 

I’ve found joy in this 7 year old venture in seeing how my faith has shaped the business and my philosophy behind the “why” — what started off simply making ends meet has flourished into so many beautiful moments captured, supported so many businesses and found homes in so many new places around the world, 

And that’s what Constellations means to me now.
We are all stories, in the end. It would mean so much to be an illustrator in yours.




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